Interest Matching Opt-Out

Vibrant aims to deliver advertisements that align with your current interests called "Interest Matching". Your interests are identified by the words that you have recently seen and read, along with the advertisements that you have viewed and clicked on. There is no personally identifiable information transmitted or used whatsoever. The goal is simply to deliver advertisements that are more relevant, interesting and useful for you.

Should you wish to opt-out of "Interest Matching", you may do so by clicking on the Opt-Out button below. It’s important to note that Opting-Out will not turn off advertisements that are shown to you, but instead will show more general and less relevant advertisements.

This Opt-Out will apply to your browser, and therefore you will need to Opt-Out with each computer or browser that you use.

Will I Ever Need to Renew my Opt-Out?
You will need to Opt-Out again; if you delete your cookies, cache files, buy a new computer, or change Web browsers. The opt-out is only maintained when Vibrant Media can read the opt-out status in the cookie folder.